Remembrance Day

We made our own poppies out of bottles. We painted them and made them into our very own Flanders field. We learned about the soldiers who we remember at this special time of year.


Ice balloon investigation

Yesterday we looked closely at ice balloons and learned all about ice. First we guessed what could be inside the newspaper parcels. The parcels were hard and cold and made our hands wet. We made lots of guesses about what we thought was inside. When we unwrapped them we saw balloons filled with ice and were amazed that they didn’t pop when Miss Sharples cut them with her scissors. 

After we watched them slide about in trays and listened to the crackling sound when we put salt on them. This made them all rough and stripy so we added food colouring and watched as it ran through the cracks.

We then tried to get rid of the ice balloons so each group tried a different way. Sam said the sun would melt it so we put one ice balloon outside. Noah said to put water on them so one group poured cold water on their balloon and another group used hot water. Phoenix said we should bash them so two groups took them outside to throw them on the floor. Arthur said putting salt on the balloon would make it melt… so we did! 

Can you guess which one melted the fastest? Ask your little scientist!

Bread hedgehogs

Today we were master bakers and baked bread! We learned all about yeast and how it is a living thing. We kneaded the dough and left it to prove in a warm area! After it had rested and got bigger we turned it into a hedgehog. We snipped spikes with scissors then used raisins for eyes and a nose.

Look at our amazing dough hedgehogs… we were very proud bakers!

Autumn walk

Today we became nature detectives and we went on a walk looking for signs of Autumn. We found lots of yellow, brown and red crunchy leaves. Some of us even found acorns and pine cones. 

The most exciting part of our walk was when we found Granny’s house. We looked for Little Red Riding Hood and the big bad wolf but couldn’t see hem anywhere. We did find one of the little pig’s houses. We looked down the chimney but couldn’t see the pot at the bottom. Then we found a big pile of sticks that the wolf had blown down and a huge footprint that we are convinced belongs to the Gruffalo! 

Treats for Granny

Today we pretended to be Little Red Riding Hood and baked some banana muffins for Granny. We peeled and mashed some bananas using our enormous muscles then mixed in flour, honey and warm milk to make our delicious muffins. We had great fun icing them in the afternoon… we even tried to banana chips that went on top. Some of us liked them and some of us did not!

In Maths we made flowers for Granny… we used long, short and medium sized petals and we made sure our flowers had 10 petals, just the way Granny likes them!

First few days in Reception!

 We have been settling in well to our new class. Our new grit pit is great fun to play in. We just need to make sure that we swap our brand new school shoes for wellies and put on our over trousers!

Yesterday we worked as a team to make a great obstacle course. We even spotted a few superheroes practising their skills on there.

Early Scarlet Horn

During our farm topic back in April, we planted carrot seeds in some compost using a vegetable grow bag. We crossed our fingers and waited patiently to see if we had green fingers. Slowly but surely we started to see small shoots appear which turned into bushy green carrot tops.

Yesterday our wait was over and we took it in turns to pull up an Early Scarlet Horn carrot each. Look at our results…

Walk around our local area

On Friday we went on a walk around Mow Cop. It was a very important walk because we were using our Geography skills to find physical and human features of our area. We spotted lots of different houses such as bungalows, semi-detached and detached houses, dormer bungalows, flats and terraced cottages. Who knew we had all these different types of homes around us! We also looked at the amazing physical features around us like trees, fields and rocks. 

When we got back to school we made maps of our journey. We really enjoyed our walk and made it back just in time for lunch.


Today we learned all about capacity. We learned what liquids are and how we measure things using millilitres. We looked at containers that were full, empty, half full and half empty. 

After we had a go at measuring water in jugs and containers using millilitres. We were very accurate with our measuring and made sure that our containers were on a flat surface!