Ice balloon investigation

Yesterday we looked closely at ice balloons and learned all about ice. First we guessed what could be inside the newspaper parcels. The parcels were hard and cold and made our hands wet. We made lots of guesses about what we thought was inside. When we unwrapped them we saw balloons filled with ice and were amazed that they didn’t pop when Miss Sharples cut them with her scissors. 

After we watched them slide about in trays and listened to the crackling sound when we put salt on them. This made them all rough and stripy so we added food colouring and watched as it ran through the cracks.

We then tried to get rid of the ice balloons so each group tried a different way. Sam said the sun would melt it so we put one ice balloon outside. Noah said to put water on them so one group poured cold water on their balloon and another group used hot water. Phoenix said we should bash them so two groups took them outside to throw them on the floor. Arthur said putting salt on the balloon would make it melt… so we did! 

Can you guess which one melted the fastest? Ask your little scientist!


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